Leticia Paschetta / Art Playing Landscapes & Richter Spielgeräte Bubble House

Would you like to play? We are inviting you!

We will be presenting Bubble House, the new Richter Spielgeräte product, designed by artist Leticia Paschetta and distributed in NYC by Ape Studio. You will also be introduced to the magical world of Ludic Landscapes, spatial experiences that merge art, play and design through spatial installations in museums, cultural centers, and landscapes.

The exhibition will be open from 18th to 24th May. You can meet us in our open studio on Tuesday the 23rd of May. See you soon!


Learn more at www.leticiapaschetta.com or contact us at @leticia_paschetta

5.10200 Channel with Wedge Seal
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What makes Richter Spielgeräte so special


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