Wola Parc Warsaw/Poland

An imaginatively designed indoor playground

Indoor playground in the middle of the Polish metropolis

The spacious shopping center "Wola Park" in the middle of the Polish metropolis Warsaw has an imaginatively designed indoor playground for children. The center of the play world, whose equipment is made of high-quality spruce wood used especially for indoor use, is a large tree on which several tree houses are located. The cottages, located on different levels, are connected by net tunnels, ladders and climbing nets. The safety of children and parents alike is ensured by the transparency of the net structures. This allows the climbing children to remain in visual contact with their parents who are on the ground. From the upper levels, two large winding tunnel slides can be used to get back down with momentum. The large tree is equipped with board roots, which mimics the root system of large trees exposed to strong winds.

The cottages existing on the ground offer creative possibilities for experiencing the senses with additional play elements such as rotating discs, ball track or remember-what. These modules are also easily accessible for smaller children and wheelchair users.
An additional special feature is a small hill located under the playhouses. A massive steel beam is mounted underneath, bridging the large loads between the tall play structures.

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