Herzogenriedparc Mannheim/Germany

Intergenerational play and movement on a playground

Forget space, time and circumstances for a moment

Growing older is one of the significant aspects of human existence and affects us all. Aging is also accompanied and characterized by limitations of varying severity and speed. People deal with this in different ways. With our small movement program we try to give older people a gentle way to move their joints and loosen their muscles, both physically and mentally, but not in the sense of "trim yourself", but rather to maintain and promote mental, emotional and physical mobility, to perceive sensual perception as worth living, as well as to feel reminded of the old and to experience the new with feeling. In this way, one can become aware that growing older can also mean gaining positive experiences and insights.
The best concept from our point of view is an intergenerational playing and moving on a playground that automatically includes older people in the flow of play. What could be better than grandchildren and grandparents diving into play together, forgetting space, time and circumstances for a moment and carefree, helping each other, discovering equipment, trying out movements, training the sense of balance while balancing, swinging, rocking or learning new and old things about sensory experiences. This has been achieved in an exemplary manner at Herzogenriedpark in Mannheim.

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