Schulspielplatz Hard Langenthal Schweiz

School playground Hard, Langenthal, Switzerland

Climbing and hiding with the Street Acrobats

In the small town of Langenthal in the Swiss canton of Berne with a population of around 15,000, there is the Schulhaus Hard, which currently has 25 teachers and almost 250 children. From August 2021, the school building will only be used as a primary school, which had a decisive influence on the choice of play equipment for the school grounds. The Bernese landscape architecture firm Müller Wildbolz Partner GmbH wanted "something square" that did not meet the usual standard. So the choice fell on Richter's Street Acrobats. Those  consist of several small space elements that offer various opportunities for hiding and going through openings. The cosiness of the little niches also provides the children with enough space for fantasy-full role-playing games. The equipment can be accessed via a climbing trunk or a connecting bridge element, and the bent firemen's pole allows a swift getaway to the ground.

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