Dierenpark Ouwehands Niederlande

Ouwehands Dierenpark, Rhenen, Netherlands

How does it live as a zoo animal?

Interior - how does it live as a small zoo animal?

Ouwehands Zoo wanted a spacious indoor playground where children could experience the different lifestyles of the animals, for example by moving around in a similar way: Crossing water like an otter, sitting high up in the bird's nest, climbing like a monkey and much more. There is also an outdoor area which is directly connected to the interior via a tunnel.

Outdoor area - the big elephant

The Big Elephant with sedan chair, visible from far away, is an important attraction of the zoo. Inside his legs, numerous climbing routes lead up into the elephant's belly via ropes, stairways, rings and chains.
Children who make it up to the litter see the world in unusual proportions and can finally look down on their parents and parts of the zoo.

Via the elephant's trunk in the form of a tunnel slide the children get back on solid ground at high speed.

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