Roman playground Rainau, Germany

Spacious water playground for young and old

Water playground with numerous play opportunities

Right next to the kiosk of the large green area is a spacious water playground that is equally interesting for young and old. The water playground refers to the history of the site.
In reference to the nearby former fort baths, the still visible support plates and brick towers of the underfloor heating system were reinterpreted as design elements in the water playground. Tile-shaped platforms in different heights, sizes and functions, columns with water fountains, barrages, water games and a sand area offer numerous play opportunities.

The centrepiece of the playground is a large beached Roman galley, whose decks and interior provide plenty of space for extensive role-playing.
This playground is very special - it is located in a heritage area and the underlying surface has been sealed to best protect and preserve the Roman relics.

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