Malesicky Park Prag Tschechien

Malešický Park, Prag, Czech Republic

Creative exercise options for senior citizens

In the middle of the Czech capital Prague lies the spacious Malešický Park. The green space, which was created in the 1970s and covers a total of nine hectares of urban land, was comprehensively and sustainably revitalized in 2012 and 2013.

The main attraction of this ambitious urban project is a unique playground designed by the company Richter Spielgeräte from Frasdorf. In addition to creative movement possibilities for senior citizens and barrier-free access, the focus is on the high-quality water play elements, which are accepted with enthusiasm by young and old alike. The high play value of this world of experience results from the comprehensive sensory appeal and the creative possibilities of dealing with the elements.

Water cascades pour over natural stone terraces, in the water forest a spatial and sensory effect can be achieved through one's own physical activity, and with large steel spirals the wet element is scooped up from one level to the next. The large conveyor disc is modelled on the inner housing of the Nautilus screw, and is both an aesthetic eye-catcher and an impressive experience on the playground. With the Archimedean screws, water, sand and pebbles can be transported and physical processes can be felt at close quarters.

Water can above all be experienced through the senses. There are few comparable play situations in which children play, communicate and cooperate as deeply as when playing with water. And rarely do you see such satisfied, happy children. All the more important is the provision of water play elements in playrooms. In Prague's Malešický Park this has been achieved in an exemplary manner.

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