Arese Shopping Mall Milan, Italy

Arese Shopping Mall, Mailand, Italy

Enrichment for shopping arcade: Richter indoor playground

Huge pyramid tower in the middle of the shopping mall

The fact that Richter not only equips conventional playgrounds, but also designs indoor playgrounds is demonstrated, for example, by the "Arese" shopping arcade in Milan, Italy.

With an area of 92,000 square meters, spread over 200 shops, restaurants, cafés and an indoor and outdoor sports facility, the Arese Shopping Center is the largest shopping center in Italy. Here you will find a Richter play paradise, which attracts all attention from afar because of its attractive central point, a 13-meter high pyramid tower. The tower is also equipped with a climbing wall, net windows and a huge tunnel slide with portholes. In addition, there are generously proportioned platform huts that can be climbed and explored and with their niches not only offer small and large children a place to retreat, but also enable a variety of role-playing games. There are seating areas suitable for children where you can paint, chat and have a picnic.

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