Stiftung Behindertenbetriebe Schattdorf/Switzerland

Sensory path for adults with impairments

36 stations with different focuses

Schattdorf in the canton of Uri has just under 5,000 inhabitants. The Uri Foundation for the Disabled (Stiftung Behindertenbetriebe Uri, SBU) was founded in 1970 and contributes to a high quality of life for adults with disabilities with its range of work, employment and living opportunities.
Eveline Zberg, an employee of the SBU, wrote her diploma thesis on the topic of the sensory path as part of her training as a social pedagogue. The work convinced the management and the Foundation Board, so that this project was implemented within two years.  
A total of 36 stations with different focuses on the topics of hearing, tasting, touching and looking promote perception, increase well-being, awaken memories and offer varied activities. The project was financed by donors.

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