Moxi Museum Kalifornien USA

MOXI Museum, Santa Barbara, USA

Experience the element water

Interactive Science Museum for young and old

In February 2017, the "Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation" opened in Santa Barbara, California, after a long period of preparation. This interactive science museum is both educational and entertaining. Here, children of all ages can find things to try out and test. The roof terrace in particular offers a wonderful view of the mountains and the railway as well as various water experiment stations. Richter Spielgeräte from Frasdorf has equipped these stations with high-quality and exciting equipment. At the Archimedean screws, spray nozzles and pumps the element water can be experienced in a special way. In various small and large channels and basins, the laws of physics become playfully tangible - water can be dammed or directed and can overcome differences in height.

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