Ellinikon Experience Park Playground, Athens/Greece

Park has been delighting young and old visitors alike since it opened.

In mid-December 2021, the seven-hectare Ellinikon Experience Park in Athens was ceremoniously opened and has since been delighting visitors young and old alike - with a water maze, a forest playground, a Zen garden and an outdoor fitness area, among other things.

The spacious forest playground was realized by the company Richter Spielgeräte from Germany in close cooperation with its Greek partners. To pick up on the character of the derelict old airport site, Richter created a unique themed playground here in close collaboration with Athens-based landscape architecture firm Doxiadis Plus. A large wooden Airplane takes off from the runway, inviting visitors to climb and role-play. And a Small Jet Plane allows younger children in particular to go on journeys. The childish explorers can happily dash through the clouds, especially when someone is sitting or standing on the wings, providing a strong wind. The pilot sits in the cockpit and holds the course. You don't fall down even in a heavy storm, because you can hold on tightly everywhere. The jet plane encourages many movement activities and role-playing games. In the immediate vicinity of the old hangar is a 30-meter-long ropeway where especially older children and teenagers can experience speed - feeling like flying close above the ground - and reach the other end of the area with momentum. A Climbing Forest, which was integrated into the old tree population, as well as a high "tree" in the form of a Lookout Tower with stylized branches on a small hill and swings in different sizes for all age groups complete the play offer. In the water play area, smaller children in particular can pump water, channel it into the sand and play with the elements to their heart's content. Shaded seating is also provided. So the old Ellinikon airport has been given a new lease of life!

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