Stefanie Hermann

Architect and garden therapist

Born in 1972 in Pirmasens, Stefanie Hermann completed her apprenticeship as a carpenter with a certificate before going on to study architecture at Kaiserslautern, Vienna and Aachen universities. This was followed by internships with renowned architectural firms and a 9-month collaboration at Modellbauwerkstatt LAND GmbH, Aldenhoven. As a trainee for landscape architects Gruppe F, Berlin, Hermann worked on the BUGA (German Garden Show) competition in Munich in 2005.

She worked as an architect at graubner GmbH, Herrischried, from 2002 to 2005 and, as project manager, was entrusted with the design and planning of sensory gardens, therapy gardens and playgrounds. She was responsible for this area from 2005 to 2012 as an architect at Richter Spielgeräte GmbH, and continues to work for them today as a freelancer. After completing her two-year training as a garden therapist, she founded the “garten für alle” (gardens for everyone) business in 2012, focusing on garden planning, garden therapy and illustration.

Designs in the Richter programme

“From childhood onwards – supported by my parents – my experiences meant I developed a strong connection to nature and its phenomena and rules. It was therefore inevitable that I would discover Hugo Kükelhaus right at the beginning of my professional career. His ‘philosophy’ and his play stations for developing the senses fascinated me and had a great influence on my professional development”, says Stefanie Hermann describing the inspiration behind her work.

“The fascinating sketches and drawings created by Kükelhaus inspired me to take up sketching and free-hand drawing as a means of expression in everyday life or while travelling and to develop this for my profession. And by observing the natural phenomena in his play stations, I also began to increasingly turn towards designed nature, i.e. to the garden, in my planning.

Mankind originated from nature and is a part of nature. Happiness research speaks of a happy person when they are able to feel at one with nature.

Stefanie Hermann

As a passionate gardener and nature lover with my own garden, I too have experienced that gardening makes you happy. The name of my business ‘gardens for everyone’ is an appeal to making outdoor spaces, and thus nature, accessible and usable to everyone. Particularly in cases of dementia, gardens help to develop a dialogue and provide orientation, e.g. based on the seasons.”


Stefanie Hermann
Dipl-Ing Architektin & Gartentherapeutin
Martermühle 1a
85617 Aßling

Fax.: +49 8092 32 03 68 6

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