Lusail Marina Promenade Doha Qatar Schwingpferd

Lusail Marina Promenade, Doha, Qatar

Creative world of play on idyllic beach promenade.

High play value

The secret of our success is a winning combination of a well-founded understanding of children’s need to play and a respectful use of wood as a material.

A carefully planned, age-appropriate playground design can make an important contribution to improving the living conditions of children. We are convinced that the need for playgrounds is simply the consequence of a complex, continuously developing society, but they alone cannot really remedy the lack of free spaces for children.

We nevertheless consider playgrounds to be a way of compensating for the general lack of opportunity to move about freely and an essential alternative for our children during times when their lives are becoming more and more governed by technology. If a playground is to fulfil these tasks, the playground itself and its equipment should have a high play value. The term “play value” is defined by the relationship between playground/playground equipment and the user and must be kept firmly in mind during all planning.

A playground can have a high play value simply by featuring a varied terrain with hills and banks and with a variety of paving and different ground surfaces. A playground with a high play value can be recognised by its signs of wear and tear. Trodden-down lawn, scuffed ladder rungs, stair steps and equipment floors, worn-smooth handles or handrails speak of enthusiastic children’s hands and feet and declare: “Playing” is fun here!

A special place

In 2018, we opened a playground in Qatar for the first time with just these aspirations.

Lying to the north of Doha, Lusail City is a new world-class city with exemplary facilities in all areas: residential, retail and tourism.

Richter Spielgeräte GmbH’s English partner Timberplay created a playground in cooperation with local contractot, Nakheel, in one of the best recreational areas of the city, the Lusail Marina Promenade.

Idyllically situated between white sand and palm trees, a diverse range of Richter playground equipment offers fun and challenging activities for children of all age groups.

Energetic fun and demanding climbing and balancing are on offer on the Climbing Structure, the See-Saw and the Sand Snake. And shady shelters and seating for visitors also have their place.

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