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Oktopus - La Pegaso Park, Barcelona, Spain

The theme playground "Octopus" in La Pegaso Park in Barcelona delights young and old visitors alike.

Looking and observing with the eyes of a "Pulpo"

On August 9, 2019, the themed playground "Octopus" was opened in La Pegaso Park in downtown Barcelona, Spain, and has been delighting young and old alike ever since. The given theme, to pick up on the "Pulpo" typical for the area, was realized in close cooperation between the Catalonian architect Jordi Qeralt and the company Richter Spielgeräte GmbH from Germany. The entire animal carcass with a diameter of 3.65 metres and a length of 9.65 metres was transported from Frasdorf to Barcelona by heavy transport. The special feature of the planning and production of the play equipment was the almost completely digital process, so that in the end the precisely lasered connecting parts could be perfectly joined, welded and assembled.

The octopus stands on a tubular steel frame and is about 6.50 metres high. Its abdomen consists of an oval steel body with rubber membranes, wooden plates and rope nets. Inside there are different climbing nets on two different playing levels. The head of the animal is divided into two levels in the inner part. Four tunnel slides lead down from the upper platform, two more closed tunnel slides are attached to the lower level as well as two likewise covered ascents in the form of a crawling tunnel and an enclosed ladder ascent made of perforated sheet metal. This gives the body of the animal its eight characteristic tentacles, which are fitted with rubber suction cups on the outside and are thus recognisably replicated from the original. In addition, at the lower ends of the tentacles there are four rotating discs and six distorting mirrors, which can also be used for exciting sensory experiences from the sand playing surface on which the octopus stands. The eyes of the animal consist of two rotating periscopes, through which one can observe and observe the surroundings from a lofty height, so to speak, with the gaze of a "pulpo".

In the immediate vicinity of the octopus there is another slide, which is equipped with a wheelchair accessible ramp and a special entrance. This further slide symbolizes a tentacle of the octopus diving into the sea and protruding a bit further back. The small colony of five crabs in the form of wooden bouncing plates equipped with appropriate scissors and rubber tongs, as well as some coral branches made of robinia trunks equipped with climbing grips and nets, give the octopus's surroundings additional maritime flair and invite you to play active games.

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