El valle de los 6 Sentidos Valladolid Spanien

El valle de los 6 Sentidos, Valladolid, Spain

Play experiences for the senses in historical surroundings

In Valladolid a large park has been laid out around a palace built in 1919 as a family residence. This was equipped with a variety of sensory play elements that allow users to explore and sharpen their senses. Other elements make physical laws tangible in the game.
Optical phenomena, for example, are demonstrated using rotating discs. As soon as these are rotated, the patterns appear to move and become three-dimensional. The walk-in kaleidoscope, on the other hand, reflects the visitor's image infinitely often.
Our triangles, the lithophone and the sound column offer sound experiences.
The partner swing tells the user something about the mutual influence of two vibrating bodies that are connected to each other.

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