Poundbury - The Great Field Dorset/England

A model project financed by foundation funds

Historical buildings of the city recreated as play buildings

The British village of Poundbury near Dorchester in the county of Dorset is a model town under construction since 1993 to implement the principles of sustainable development and design. King Charles was instrumental in its design and implementation, along with Luxembourg urban planner and architectural theorist Léon Krier. The settlement was built on leased land from the Duchy of Cornwall. The overall architectural concept is based on classicist and traditional architecture. Part of the concept is to mix social housing and private houses in a small-town structure, to integrate green spaces, and to blend the settlement harmoniously into the landscape.

On the playground, which Richter Spielgeräte designed together with its British partner Timberplay, historical buildings of the town were recreated as play buildings according to the customer's wishes. Specifically, the playground involved these three structures: the Buttermarket, Whistling Whitch and Brownsword. There are two areas in the playground, one for young children and one for older children, which is also interesting for teenagers. The playground was ceremoniously opened by King Charles in May 2022.

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