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Playground on former ironstone quarry

Priors Hall Park, England

Three play areas on a 965-hectare site

A 965 acre site, Priors Hall Park was a Ironstone Quarry. Timberplay created the design for several themed playgrounds here. The ‘Town Garden’ play area includes play elements such as a Climbing Wall or a Hexagonal Swing. A RIKÖ Railway on a track is loved by younger children for the role playing.

In the ‘Quarry’ site the materials selection replicates the heritage of the area, including, mining and transporting stone, cooperation, teamwork and much more. A range of digging and transporting equipment is used within a gravel pit to replicate the way in which stone would have been extracted from the Quarry. Boulders are used to great effect throughout the site, and a huge Turning Stone has been utilised, presenting an unusual focal point for the site.

Im Spielbereich "Woodland Valley" werden die riesigen vertikalen Pfosten des Kletterwaldes und die aufrechten Pfosten des Partnerpendels verwendet, um ein Waldgefühl zu. Es gibt auch einen für Rollstuhlfahrer zugänglichen Bereich mit einer Rollstuhlwippe, neben einer unserer Bauwerkgerüste in einer Spielkiesgrube. Weitere spannende Spielmöglichkeiten in diesem Bereich sind die Drehscheibe, die Balanceklötze und die Doppelwippe.

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