Oestra Ersboda Aeventyrslekpark Schweden Foto by Carola-Rubinsson

Östra Ersboda Äventyrslekpark, Umeå, Sweden

Climb to lofty heights side by side with the squirrels

This treetop adventure playground is located in Östra Ersboda, a district of Umeå in northern Sweden. Because the playground is idyllically situated in a small forest, our play equipment here must meet special requirements. The appearance and colour of the wood used should be as close to nature as possible, and when constructing the play structures, care was taken to ensure a light transmission similar to that of the forest.
The highlight of this play area is a tower-bridge combination, whose play value is further enhanced by two impressively high tree houses. One of the tree houses offers the option of "descending" via a long, winding tunnel slide. Standing on the highest platform, five metres above the ground, you really have the feeling of playing in the treetops! The play area includes a 50-metre-long cable car, balancing equipment and small tyre weighers for spinning and lounging. Because wood takes on a beautiful silver-grey colour due to its natural colour-changing process, the playground has now adapted particularly well to its surroundings.

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