9.63020 Shadow Play square
9.63010 Shadow Play round, 9.63020 square and 9.63030 amorphous

Emili Padrós and Ana Mir

Industrial designer

Ana Mir (born in Valencia in 1969) and Emili Padrós (born in Barcelona in 1969) are Master of Arts in Industrial Design (MA ID) graduates from the Central Saint Martins School of Arts and Design, London. In 1996 Ana and Emili founded Emiliana Design Studio based in Barcelona, working together on product design, furniture, lighting, design spaces and exhibitions.

Emiliana Design Studio is well known for its ability to provide a renewed focus on each design project. The experimentation with materials and typologies as well as the interest in involving users in a participatory manner are key concerns in their daily studio practice.

Several of their designs have been submitted to the permanent collection of Museums such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Fons Nationale d´Art Contemporain de France and Museu d’Arts Decoratives of Barcelona. Moreover, Emiliana Design Studio has participated in exhibitions at MoMA Museum of Modern Art of New York.

Designs in the Richter programme

The two designers about their philosophy: “Shadows are one of the most magic and playful phenomena of life. We perceive shadows every day and at every moment, shadows help us in understanding reality, they are what creates the sense of volume and depth in objects and spaces. But moreover, we can interact with shadows, colours and shapes; we can use them to play, to explain stories, to delimit areas.


We liked the idea of designing a piece of play
equipment that would change depending on the weather situation, the hour of the day or the season of the year.

Ana Mir und Emili Padrós

Shadows are the result of light, in this case sunlight, and that is what makes this play offer so poetic, volatile and ephemeral.”


Ana Mir + Emili Padrós
emiliana design studio
Llibertat 5
08012 Barcelona

Tel.: +34 93 414 34 80


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An overview of our designers


Falk Dorband
Falk Dorband

Graphic designer and play equipment planner