Playground Frasdorf, Germany

A playground with constantly changing play equipment

Redesign of our adventure playground

Our playground in Frasdorf has been redesigned and now offers a play area full of countless opportunities for movement, role play and much more.

The large play wall immediately catches the visitor's eye and the children immediately run off to explore the various levels and attachments. You can climb up using a ladder or slide bar. From the upper play level, you have a good overview and can also retreat to hide and seek or role play. You can then glide back down the slide or the fireman's pole. The sand elevators, the sand wheel and the rotating disks attached to the outer walls provide additional play incentives.

In the water play area, the water can be pumped vigorously and then it is wonderful to watch how the water finds its way. It either flows into the channels and directly into the sand area, where you can make a wonderful splash, or it is dammed up on its way down and then "released" in a powerful gush. There are a number of high palisades with nozzles around the pumps and channels, so that the water is directed to the palisades and "rains" down from above by working the hand lever pump vigorously - often several at a time.

Of course, there is also a tower to climb up and slide down, as well as a swaying sailing boat that invites young and old sailors and pirates.

Our new marble run called "Samuba" is something special. Made from a single large block of sandstone, it fascinates children of all ages just by its appearance alone with the various intertwined indentations of the tracks. The rough feel of the stone is also an experience for the senses.

In between, you can take a wonderful break on our new large bench before setting off again and diving back into the game. And the grown-ups can test their strength and show off their balancing skills on the large turntable.

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