Craigie´s Farm Edinburgh / Scotland

Play and adventure on the farm

A playground with petting zoo and changing adventure offers

Craigie's Farm near the Scottish city of Edinburgh is a very special playground project. The planning was based on the "Adventure Farms" concept popular in England: visitors buy farm products, stay all day and use the playground, the petting zoo and the changing adventure activities. For the "Craigie's Farm" project, a new building was added to an existing old farm building to house a combined indoor and outdoor playground. The main focus of the themed playground is on fruit and vegetable production, as the playground is connected to a farm with a self-marketing store. Even in bad weather, large sliding doors make it possible to connect the indoors and outdoors.

The project was realized in cooperation between Timberplay Scotland, partner of Richter Spielgeräte GmbH, and a so-called "theming company", which added some local color to the playground equipment - for example by adding shingle roofs. The focus of the planning on farming, "country life" and appreciation of the local cultural landscape created a particularly beautiful play atmosphere.
Younger and older children can role-play to their hearts' content on the tractor and trailer, the playhouses with stairways, slides, climbing nets and crosswalks, and the large water playground. There is also a small team of horses, a family of chickens and a large sand play area where the very youngest feel especially at home. For the fruit transport system, which was specially designed by Richter, wooden crates were made exclusively, with the help of which the little farmers can load goods. The inclusion aspect was also included in the form of low equipment and partially wheelchair-accessible surfaces. The project is currently in phase two with the planning of a further, larger outdoor playground for older children and young people.

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