Wasserspielplatz Kazan Russland

Water playground Kazan, Russia

Waterplay world for young and old

Excursion destination for the whole family

The capital of the Republic of Tatarstan in southwest Russia, located on the banks of the Volga and Kazanka rivers, has one more attraction. In the early summer of 2018, a large water playground, designed by the Moscow architectural office AFA and equipped with equipment by Richter Spielgeräte from Frasdorf, opened here.

Various damming elements made of stainless steel, such as board slides, bar slides, pulling weirs, sickle, turning and flap locks stimulate the child's imagination to creatively experience flowing water. Water dispensers and scoop troughs turn the cool water into a splashing and splashing pleasure. At the two large Archimedean screws, the water supply is in the foreground. According to the traditional principle of the water screw, here the water is directed from a lower level to a higher level. With each rotation of the screws, the water is scooped out of the lower basins and rises to the top of the respective screw, where it is poured into the upper basins. The shapely paddle wheels with their light-reflecting, radially arranged bowls are an additional eye-catcher of the water feature.

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