Governors Island

Governors Island, New York, USA

Newest public park in New York City

Governors Island, an approximately 70 hectare island in Upper New York Bay, about 800 m from the southern tip of Manhattan, is the newest public park in New York City.

The park, whose landscape planning was implemented in several phases by the renowned New York architectural office West 8 until its opening in 2013, is particularly impressive due to its generously proportioned playground outfitted with Richter equipment.

In addition to creative exercise possibilities for seniors and barrier-free equipment, the focus is on high-quality water play elements for young and old. Cascades of water flow over natural stone terraces. In the Forest Fountain, a spatial and sensory effect can be achieved through one's own physical activity. And using large steel spirals the ‘wet element’ is conveyed from one level to the next. The large conveyor disc is modelled on the inner casing of the Nautilus Snail, and the Archimedes Screws allow water, sand and pebbles to be transported and physical processes to be experienced up close.

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