Governors Island

Governors Island, New York, USA

Newest public park in New York City

Governors Island, an approximately 70-hectare island in Upper New York Bay, about 800 metres off the southern tip of Manhattan, is home to a particularly beautiful public park in New York City.

The park, whose landscape planning was implemented by the renowned New York architectural firm West 8 in several phases up to the opening in 2013, is particularly impressive with its generously designed playground, which is equipped with equipment from the Richter Spielgeräte company.

On two large climbing structures, especially older children and young people can sharpen their sense of balance. Children's play on climbing structures promotes important core social, emotional and motor skills that are crucial for life. Richter climbing structures made of handcrafted, irregular round logs offer special opportunities for children of different ages. You can balance on the logs, you can do a handstand on them, you can muster all your courage and jump down from above. The carefully selected natural materials, which create trust through their warm feel, as well as the height and arrangement of the trunks, which have been planned with age- and safety-appropriate fall protection in mind, are helpful for the children in their deliberations. Another very special attraction is the hill, visible from afar, with several long tunnel slides that can be climbed over large natural stone blocks. And after climbing and sliding, it is wonderful to relax in one of the hammocks before returning to play.

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