Forest playground Bambesch, Luxembourg

The history of the city of Luxembourg in a forest playground

Playground in recreation area

On the northern outskirts of Luxembourg lies a wooded area of about 655 hectares, which has been used as a recreational area since the early 20th century. In 1968, the first children's playground was built, which enjoyed great popularity and was maintained with great dedication by Service Forêts. The special charm of the place lay above all in its naturalness, due to its location in the forest and the use of wooden playground equipment. When the playground was renovated in 2023, great care was therefore required to preserve this unique character.

The concept of the office Schwarze und Partner Landschaftsarchitekten envisaged a playful implementation of Luxembourg's urban history. Characteristic elements of the cityscape were to be found again, for example the fort "Drei Eicheln", the "Hohle Zahn" and the river Alzette. The close cooperation between the landscape architects and the company Richter Spielgeräte resulted in an authentic playground, which is a feel-good place for big and small visitors due to its natural materials, the continuous flow of play, the careful adaptation of the topography and especially the embedding in the forest. The cooperation with the company KaGo & Hammerschmidt Kunstfelsen opened up new possibilities to give the play area a mature and historical feel.

At the entrance to the playground, next to the gnome village with its playhouses and sand play facilities, the statue of Melusina awaits the children. According to legend, she was a mermaid who had been involved with Count Siegfried of Luxembourg until one day she disappeared in the Alzette. Above the Melusina, at the beginning of the watercourse with its many dams and water springs, majestically rises the fort "Three Acorns", a large playable castle complex. On an elevation, whose rocky edge is reminiscent of the historical trestle rocks of the town, is the "Hohle Zahn". A ruined castle, which in its original form is part of the fortifications of Luxembourg, offers the children here an impressive view from airy heights and an exciting descent in the tunnel slide. The "Three Towers" are reached via the castle bridge, which is equipped with a wheelchair rocker as a bridge deck. The mystical-looking basement made of artificial rock supports the wooden structure, which contains a pretzel bakery and a guardian's room.
The diverse play functions in the historic elements are supplemented by free-standing play equipment for turning, seesawing, bouncing, swinging and much more. Of the existing playground equipment, the popular animal carousel and zip line have been retained.
The entire playground is highly inclusive. It offers exciting experiences for everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, and engages people with different abilities.

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