Dumfries House Cumnock Schottland

Cathrine Street Dumfries, Scotland

A water playground offers stimulating and interactive experiences

A playground that involves everyone

Being able to play is something that all children and young people should be able to enjoy, regardless of ability. They all need the same thing from a play space – to be included. That has been the reason for making changes at Catherine Street – to make sure that more children and young people can enjoy playing together with their brothers, sisters and friends rather than watching from the sidelines.

Especially the water playground creates a stimulating and interactive experience, accessible to all. Water is pumped by hand, channelled, sent in cascades over the Mill Wheel to head downstream to dams and sinuous channels. The channel can be a plaything, a routeway and a stream to be crossed. In the gently rocking Cradle Nest small and large children find peace and relaxation.

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