Hedlundadungen Umeå/Sweden

Green oasis as a playground in the busy city centre

Extending playground time through a sophisticated lighting concept

The playground in Hedlundadungen was inaugurated on 17 June 2016. The park’s attractive location in the west of the city centre, the size of it and the fully grown tree population means that the park has already become a popular meeting place for both locals and visitors.

Hedlundadungen is a park with the opportunity for many different activities and experiences for nearby residents but also as an excursion destination for all Umeå residents. As Umeå grows, its parks and public spaces must be developed. It is also a step in the fulfillment of the new playground policy of the town and will be a complement to the adventure games that already exist on site.
We are very proud to have been actively involved in this project, both in the planning and in the construction and installation. he natural surroundings of the large park and the towering pine trees are a green oasis in the otherwise busy city centre. The playground is huge by national standards and care was taken in the selection of equipment to appeal to visitors of all ages. The pyramid towers with tunnel slides, which can be seen from afar, as well as the climbing forest and the rotating disc are particularly appealing to older children and teenagers. The climbing structure and the climbing wall attached to one of the towers are also exciting for younger children. The sophisticated lighting programme ensures that play and fun are not tied to the day, but can also take place during the regularly long and dark evenings in northern Sweden.

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