Jardins da la Industria Barcelona Spanien

Jardins de la Industria, Barcelona, Spanien

A big swallow in the middle of the city

Rediscovering a neighbourhood

The city of Barcelona initiated the concept of the "Ciudad Jugable" (playful city) two years ago and provided a budget for a series of unique parks, with the aim of creating very special play worlds. In the neighbourhood of the "Parco de la Industria", where the Golondrina (Swallow) is now located, a survey was carried out in the surrounding schools during the project preparation phase, and by popular demand, the children voted for a swallow. The 3.00 metre high and 8.50 metre long swallow made of mountain larch can be climbed from the outside via a ramp with climbing aids made of mounted crossbeams, even by smaller children.

Playable Barcelona

The animal's head is divided into two levels on the inside, creating space for role-playing and acting as a lookout. From the upper platform, it can be slid down in a sweeping manner via an externally mounted slide. The swallow's belly has several peepholes so that children playing inside can look outside and at the same time parents can make eye contact with their children. Next to the large toy swallow is a smaller wooden swallow, 3.00 metres wide and 2.80 metres long, which serves as a play sculpture and adds a thematic and aesthetic value to the square, inviting young and old to role play.

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