Park Villa Souvigny Luxemburg

Park Villa Souvigny, Luxembourg

Shipwreck as main attraction

The main attraction of the playground in Luxembourg City Park is a large shipwreck. It is 30 m long and 12 m high and offers children lots of variety: numerous possibilities to climb up and down, horizontal elements and nets to get to the other side, plus a lookout high up on the mast. Slides lead down, inviting places encourage role-playing, and hidden corners such as the cabin at the rear offer a nice retreat for a break from wild play with the others.
Thanks to the generous dimensions of the shipwreck, many children can play together in groups, make up pirate stories and enjoy freedom and adventure.

There are other play areas around the shipwreck, such as a pyramid tower combination with bridges and slides, which is directly connected to the shipwreck. In addition, a large water playground with pumps, wooden gutters, an Archimedean screw and many other exciting elements awaits children, making them forget everything around them.

Ship at the Tulsa Riverfrontpark
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