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Spacious playground in Maritime Cove Community Park, Port Melbourne, Australia

Richter-Spielplatz im australischen Port Melbourne kombiniert hochwertige Spielgeräte mit Teilen alter Seefahrerausrüstung und erinnert so an die maritime Geschichte des Ortes

Maritime theme

Maritime Cove Community Park in Port Melbourne, close to Sandridge Beach, is home to the spaciously laid-out playground featuring high-quality play equipment combined with parts of old seafaring equipment to showcase the maritime character and history of the district.

Combination with old seafaring equipment

These include, for example, old canal markers, which make an excellent fort for the playground, steel buoys that can be climbed on and used as seating as well as a crow’s nest, marine bollards, a rope ladder and replicas of shipping containers.

These components are complemented by a range of play equipment. There is a large wooden fort with a long tunnel slide, challenging rope bridges and climbing ropes for older children as well as unusual spinners, musical instruments and a spaciously laid out sand playground for younger children.

The two water play areas with pumps and various sprayheads are a very special attraction, especially on hot summer days.

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