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We place a high value on responsibility

In our work, we place special importance on self-determination, easy maintenance, necessary safety, high play value, lasting stability and a focus on environmental friendliness.

Play value

We hope our contribution to the design of playgrounds will improve the living situation of children.

We believe that the need for playgrounds is simply the consequence of a complex, continuously developing society, but playgrounds alone cannot really remedy the lack of free spaces for children. We nevertheless consider playgrounds to be a way of compensating for the general lack of opportunity to move about freely and an essential alternative for our children during times when their lives are becoming more and more governed by technology.

Children need space to play – preferably

Julian Richter sen.

If a playground is to fulfil these tasks, the playground itself and its equipment should have a high play value. The term “play value” is defined by the relationship between playground/play equipment and the user and must be kept firmly in mind during all planning.

A playground can have a high play value simply by featuring a varied terrain with hills and banks and with a variety of paving and different ground surfaces. Well-planned and appropriate planting increases this play value. It creates a harmonious atmosphere, which is a prerequisite for deeply involving play.

A playground with a high play value can be recognised by its signs of wear and tear. Trodden-down lawn, scuffed ladder rungs, stair steps and equipment floors, worn-smooth handles or handrails speak of enthusiastic children’s hands and feet and declare: “Playing” is fun here!

Sustainability –
responsibility as a guiding principle

The guiding principle for the development of our equipment is the play value, followed by safety, stability, ease of maintenance and environmental focus.

Our wood supplier has been certified according to PEFC ST 2002:2020/PEFC ST 2001:2020. Since 2015, our production processes have been as well. The certificate confirms that processed and treated coniferous sawn timber and log wood comes from sustainably managed forests.
According to an official assessment, larch is a moderately rot-resistant type of wood, considerably more durable than, for example spruce and fir, however less durable than oak or, in particular, robinia.


However, wood is not the only issue when it comes to sustainability; personnel management looks after the employees, motivates and empowers them to continue to develop themselves and thus creates an effective incentive to stay with the company for the long term.

We try to create a good atmosphere for our employees through a high level of self-determination and a positive working environment. Especially in our company, since we employ many farmers who not only work for us but also run their own business at home, it is particularly important to enable a high degree of self-determination. We thus benefit from the great sense of responsibility displayed by each and every individual going about their work.

behaviour of children

Child development is determined by experiences that are made possible with the help of the “far” senses (sound, sight and smell) and the “near” senses (all others). Being confronted with sources of danger forms an inherent part of playing and is essential to life and survival.

A child encounters a hot stove, a high stair step, a closing door, and may experience injury and pain in some circumstances. A healthy child needs these experiences in order to develop techniques to avoid future pain. Adults who deny the child this learning opportunity out of a lack of understanding of concepts related to safety and a supposed sense of responsibility prevent the development of self-assured protective behaviour.

Risk and recklessness

Children seek risk and recklessness in play for the purpose of continuously expanding their abilities. A little one who attempts to climb onto a wooden play pig risks falling down. The child is well aware of this but nevertheless bravely attempts to do so over and over again until they finally master it. These situations are particularly important for young people, since boundaries have to be crossed again and again during the self-discovery phase. This is the reason why special offers that are not dangerous but are nevertheless risky must be part of adventure spaces for children and young people.

Various studies have shown that young people worry more about boredom than risk. A lack of experiences and low physical activity lead to deficits. Risk and recklessness are necessary. It is important to place all aspects of human development into the foreground and not safety considerations when planning and equipping playgrounds.

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