Playing on the David F. Bolger playground at the Ringling Museum Sarasota

Richter Spielgeräte in Ringling Museum, Sarasota, USA

David F. Bolger Playspace as an enhancement to the natural outdoor area of the Ringling Museum

David F. Bolger Playspaces

The Ringling Museum has declared its mission of inspiring, educating and entertaining its big and small visitors. This has been made possible in particular by the enhancement of the natural outdoor area with the creation of the David F. Bolger Playspace, which was ceremoniously opened in autumn 2014.


The Executive Director of the Museum Steven High describes the project as follows:

“The creation of this exciting new component to The Ringling experience marks a giant step forward in our on-going development and expansion as a centre for art education.”

For benefactor David F. Bolger it’s about “knowing that many children and families will benefit from the beautiful playground when they visit the Museum for many years to come”. Much of the inspiration for the Playspace came from the Ringling’s lush grounds. The exceptional collection of Bengali fig trees offers an ideal, harmonious environment for the creative Richter playground. And it’s not just small visitors that are attracted as if by magic to the playhouses that can be seen from afar, with the unusual shape of their roofs and bright colours.

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