Maggie Daley Park, Chicago


Exciting play world in the Maggie Daley Park in Chicago

Right in the heart of Chicago and against the impressive city skyline, a spaciously laid out amusement park has been created in the extensive eight-hectare Maggie Daley Park. Since its completion at the end of 2014, the new park has been an unmistakable presence. It attracts families with children of all ages and young people alike. Even the entrance to the park is unusual: a bridge designed by Frank Gehry leads visitors from the Millennium Park into the Maggie Daley Park. Various climbing walls and a huge ice-skating rink can already be seen from afar.

The approximately 13,000 m2 playground, which the company Richter Spielgeräte from Frasdorf helped to design and equip, acts as a powerful magnet for the public. The concept is challenging, diverse and surprising, both from the point of view of aesthetic design as well as in terms of its pedagogical intent. In addition to a whole range of installations such as Play Pyramids, a Light House with slide, a Fish Cutter with climbing nets, a Harbour as well as Cradle Nests for the very young, the absolute highlights of the playing area are the two ten-metre-high Square Towers with a 35-metre-long Suspension Bridge and a variety of integrated play elements. Apart from climbing, balancing and exploring height, big and small children enjoy seeking out little hidey-holes and giving free reign to childhood fantasy in role-play games. They also experience up close different kinds of physical phenomena with the Rotating Discs, the Telescope and the Turning Stone.
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