Sotschi, Sochi Park Olympics

As part of the preparations for the Olympic Winter Games in Sotchi 2014, a spaciously laid out amusement park for families was created on the Black Sea coast at the foot of the Caucasus.
The park consists of five areas: Avenue of Lights, Fortress of Warriors, Enchanted Forest, Science Fiction City and Eco Village. Situated on the extensive grounds, amongst others, are three Richter playgrounds with the themes of “jungle”, “eco village” and “experiments”.
The philosophy and the goal of this playground was to provide families and particularly children with the opportunity to take time out from the countless attractions within the park and to develop and try out some of their own playful ideas.
The charming “jungle” playground is well equipped with a range of balancing structures and a climbing wall. In the “eco village” it is a common sight to see fathers and their children riding on a raft or pumping water. Here you can also build dams and ride boats that you make yourself. There are also several play houses at the ready for the very little ones. On the “experiments” playground, big and small visitors can discover fun facts about the phenomena reflection, sound and vortexes and are also able to experiment with the laws of centrifugal force.