Playville Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan

A very special playground was opened in Osaka, Japan, in 2019. BørneLund operates 90 toy stores and over 20 indoor playground centres in Japan. Up to now, there have been very few creative playgrounds with equipment made of wood in Japan. Richter and BørneLund are therefore setting a new trend for Japan with this project.

In the sand and water area, younger children in particular enjoy playing with the elements at the Water Channels, Pumps and Mud Tables. The Cradle Nest invites children to take a little time out and there’s space to hide away and for role-playing games in the Small Play Houses. The “active play” area, with its challenging Towers, Bridges, Climbing Nets and Slides, particularly appeals to older children. With the addition of Dance Chimes, a Whirlpool Column and a Small Singing Stone, there are also exciting experience fields for the senses, which even adults can’t resist trying out.